How to get a guy whom I like call me?

I love a guy who is a very good and sweet friend of mine but he doesn't have feelings for me because of his past pain full experience,i always try to reach him through calls or texts where he responds very rarely,how to make him feel for me and how to make him to respond my calls,he lives in different city so how to maintain communication with him who is very poor at responding calls or texts...


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  • if he does'nt have feelings for you sure it is a tough nut to crack ...the only thing you need is patience try to develop a frndly bond and make it strong by taking each step one by one if he takes even one step ahead in transforming this frndly bond into a more committing bond then your problem is solved!try ti


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  • If you decode that one, please pass the secret along. It would be great not to go nutty trying to figure out what some guys are thinking. That nice guy who looks at you for hours but never picks up the phone to call? (Wince.)