Guys how do you like to be kissed?

when you kiss a girl or you'r girlfriend.How do you like to be kissed?She grabs you'r hair or pushes you up against something(wall,car..ect.) lying on a bed on top or bottom.when she bites you'r lip.. and it goes on but what stands out the most that you love that she does when kissing you?

ex: she's really into it or the way she touches you...

tell me 'cause I wanna know :)



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  • sounds like you got it. of course my hair is a crew cut right now but I get the idea. The bite the lip. yeah nice. What matters most is that she wants to kiss me, not just letting me kiss her. push against me. the touch does not matter as much as the "want me" . The rest can come later.


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  • I prefer her to sit on my lap, wearing a mini skirt or hot pants and a top. This makes me feel her body intensely. While kissing I prefer her to kiss my neck, bite my lip gently, while going up with her hands to my chest and me grapping her boobs. The make out sessiin is always a bit of a fight about whose turn it is to take over control...this is how I make out with my girlfriend (classified secret) ;)

  • the way every girl kisses tells you a lot about her. So, I go more for girls with real passion, some fire, so for me it's all about the way she pushes against me, bites my lip, really kisses me hard, almost can be almost like some kind of fight for control almost. That's my perspective anyway.


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