My boyfriend has been going on these dating sites.

Ok. So my boyfriend of about 11 months has a few subscriptions (some free some he had to actually register and join to use) to these "casual/hookup dating sites". I found out about it through his cousin who is his best friend. My boyfriend doesn't know I know. It does make me uncomfortable. They are sites with local girls you can chat and connect with. I get that he may be there just to look at the naked and very sexy pics these girls have. But I have no way of knowing if he goes further than that. We spend pretty much every day together and I know where he is if I'm not with him. But in the back of my mind I'm thinking what if he is meeting girls somehow when I can't see him one afternoon. Or what if he is looking for other options while he has me. Should I confront him? I don't know how to deal with this. Just trust him or kind of just bring up the subject in general or something. It is bothering me. He acts very serious about us but is he playing me?


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  • Idk maybe he likes the thrill of starting relationships with new people or flirting. Look, face it. It's been almost a year. If you guys aren't opening up to each other and able to talk about anything at this point, and every day is a gamble of lie or truth, then maybe you guys don't have long term material. Confront him. See what he says. Say his subscriptions make you uncomfortable. That will test his mettle. If he really cares for you, he'll drop that sh*t. And dropping p*rn is hard for guys :P


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  • i think that is very disrespectful if he has you he has no reason to be talking to other girls in those sites. there is nothing wrong with haveing friends but those are dateing sites there is flirting on there and you know that I say you should find out a bit more then ask him and if he lies then I say tell him either he will stop and realize he is makeing a mistake change that or he will say he isn't doing anything and will keep lieing to you. and it is your choise weather to leave or to stay.