Boys , would you be disappointed, how would you feel?

Imagine that you are shy and not very cool and you never had a girlfriend , one day you meet in internet one girl, you talk with her long time, you like her very much, she understand you and you feel you have many in common, you said even that you love her and she loves you too..

and one day she is moving for studies to place where you live, so you could meet her now, you both are very happy. But when you finally meet her she doesn't look so good like in photos or cam, you did expect her to look better. What would you do and feel in such situation? would you definitely break up with her? and what would you tell her? ( she loves you)


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  • Well I would feel lied to and since the love is based off of a lie.I would question it and everything else.I don't think I could trust her,I mean everything is based off a lie.I think it would be best to tell him before you get there that you lied to him and the pics are not you.I would be mad and hurt pretty badly.I don't think I could continue a relationship with her,i wouldn't trust her.So yes I would break up with her.I don't know what I would say to her.I would try to be civil but I don't know if I could.It would depend how long I had known her for, the longer the worse it would be.I wouldn't really care as much about the whole not looking as good as in the pictures as much as the you lied to me and I don't trust you thing,it would be a bigger issue.

    • no , I didn't mean pics wasn't her. She didn't lie, it was she on pics and on cam, but if she is very photogenic, looks very good in photos and in reality doesn't look so good , what would you do then?

    • i think everything would be fine then.i can see how she looks so it would be her and she didn't lie.I think I would have no problems.i mean what exactly makes her not look as good some zits? It would have to be pretty mild to not show up on a picture.I wouldn't care I love her and I saw how she looked.i would hugged her and tell her I loved her.I would be very excited to meet her and spend time with her.I would want to spend the whole night talking with her and cuddling with her.


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  • If I've seen her on cam, she's going to look maybe slightly worse then that, but only so much worse. So if I liked her a lot, it'd be fine.

    To be honest, I think more often people look better in person, rather then worse.

    Also, in person pressed up against me is likely to be a lot hotter then pixelated on my screen.

  • I might be a bit disappointed but, if she really was a great person who I connected with, and she truly loved me, I would probably look past it. As long as it wasn't a massive difference in looks.

  • I am more attracted to a person's personality than looks. If I loved her for who she was, I would stay with her no matter how she looked.


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