Guys: Do you like it when a girl tells you you're a good kisser?

Do you think its cheesy or sexy. Like say a girl texts you one night

Her: Wanna know something fun I'm thinking of right now?

You: sure

Her: How good a kisser you were

Would that be a turn on, turn off or what? would you like it?


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  • I would like it a lot and I think it is sexy.Also it would make me think that she likes me.It would help my confidence big time to know that she thought I was good.Nowadays though I can tell when I kiss a girl that she likes it by how she acts and I can tell that I am making her turned and wet for me.But I am a good kisser and I do make girls wet for me.Not to be cocky but it is the truth.I can tell by how passionate they are while we are kissing and how they react to me kissing them.I don't need the confirmation but if I do get it,its all the more better!


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  • Please only say that if it's true or else your just playing with the guy.

    If you truly think he is a good kisser and actually think about how good he is then for sure say it. Otherwise just say I want to kiss you or something that isn't a lie

  • meh I know iam a good kisser lol, no need for patronising

  • Yes, I would like it.


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