Me and this guy hung out all night?

Sooooo, Id say this guy and me talked the whole night. Like I have never talked to anyone like I did him. And then we had sex, it was like only my second time and I had no idea wtf I was doing. And he wanted me on top so I agreed. But I think it was probably the worst sex of his life because he hasn't texted me and I gave him my number. :( Is that why he hasn't texted Because the sex was bad?


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  • Hard to say, possibly he was only looking for a one night stand. If that's the case, then I wouldn't expect to hear from him again. If not, then he was probably only interested in a sexual relationship and didn't know you didn't have much experience. If he hasn't texted or called you yet, I'd say just leave him be for now. If he wants to continue the relationship, he'll call; if not, then he won't, simple and complicated as that. Hope it helps.

  • don't worry he willl come around again when he is horny again


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