Guys not wordy when texting?

So we all know that in most cases women tend to be chattier than men. I've been noticing that guys really aren't too descriptive or wordy when texting, I feel like they basically say the minimum amount to get their point across, it's not like the texts are mean at all, they just aren't as "fluffy" is this normal for guys or are they just uninterested in talking to me?


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  • "they basically say the minimum amount to get their point across,"

    That's men in a nutshell. We use communication for the exchange of information.

    Perfectly normal. Forget what mister-20-points-I-just-got-here says.


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  • Its not just guys.. I have noticed that girls can be like that as well. It sucks when you really want to have a conversation with someone and they give you nothing..

    Maybe try asking open questions, like questions that don't need a yes or no answer.. That's what I find works. How many times have you tried to text this guy..? See.. I just asked you an open question.. haha..

    • Well he keeps the conversation going for sure like here's an example of a text: hahhahaha so where are you going for spring break, and I replied with yeah I'm visiting cabo and possibly Ensenada where are you going? And he said Vegas, I gotta tutor I'll text you after... He texted me after and we continued a convo but I feel like I'm being more expressive than he is? I don't know is this normal?

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  • That's typical guy behavior and has nothing to do with interest or lack thereof.