Should we keep talking or not?

theres this chick that I've been talking to for 7 months & I truly love her, but she's doubting me because some of the things that I've said to some of the things I've said was jus a harmless joke, nothing serious, but she took it she doesn't know what to really think of me & I'm tellin her that I truly love her, but like I said she's doubting me a whole lot...should we keep talking or can this be solved?

like some of the jokes were like if I left her to deal with someone else & it didn't work out, could I go back to her, she got mad bout that...the other day I suggested that I delete my Facebook acct. because I have a bunch of nosy family members & I don't want no prolems with any other females...i was jus taking precautions but she took it as me feeling ashamed of her which I'm not...i love her so much...
she basically questions if I really love her or not, I know I love her, but she doesn't always believe me...which hurts me


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  • It should hurt you. It's inappropriate for her to sincerely question your feelings for her when you're just joking around about things. She needs to be more mature about the situation. Often, people share that they're worried about your feelings for them when they are actually the ones that have doubts about their feelings for you.


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  • What are the jokes? If a girl is taking harmless jokes personally, then maybe you don't want to actually be in a relationship with her? That's an annoying trait for females to have.

  • Depends what was said as jokes. Some girls are easily offended by statements and hard to overcome them.


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