Funny ideas to April fool my guy friend

ive got my new google number and I'm going to text prank my best guy searching for a funny idea to tell him on the you have any?!


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  • tell him you wanna have a 3some with another hot girl or girl you know he digs a mutual friend perhaps...let him get all xcited about it and all then say April fools to make it seem more legit...bring a 3rd girl over one of your friends and have her agree to the whole thing and have her there when you tell him...and see how it goes...thats kinna mean tho but funny

    • he is just my friend I don't want to deviate our friendship! to make him think about such staffs

What Girls Said 1

  • Kriskiss sounds like a good that! xD

    • he is just my friend...i don't want to such topics between us!