This cute girl gave me her number, I called and left a message... now?

So I met this girl a cute way, got her number and set up a date. I think it went pretty well, she seemed interested. Gave all the telltale signs. I tried to set up a second date but she cancelled on me. So I called her this weekend but went straight to her voice mail. It's the next day and no reply. She's busy with work. Likely she isn't interested? Give up or keep trying?


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  • women are fickle dude. move on. if she's into you, she'll hit you up ; she has your number

    (this is why I advocate playing numbers game. always have at least 2 in the kitty)

    • 2 in the kitty?

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    • then why is the one busy or whatever? shouldn't she be dying to see me?

    • women are fickle. and ya she should but you will mistakes and slip up your game no matter how good you get


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  • Well, it probably is that she is busy with something and if you thought that it went well I am sure it did. I would give it a little more time and try setting up another date. If she doesn't answer, or cancels again then I would probably give up.

    • She just seemed so into me. Like I was sure. She texted that she would def hang out again. But I'm suprised she hasn't called or texted.

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    • she sent me a text saying things have been hectic her family is in town..

    • then I would just wait till she isn't so busy

  • She's not interested if she wanted to date you she would've gone the first time you asked...

    • We had one date. I thought it went awesome. When we were setting up the second one she said she wasn't busy at all..

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    • get what? her?

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  • Wait a few more days. If still no reply, move on. If you're desperate, drop one LAST voice mail after a few days, not any more than that.

  • Give it another couple of days and call if she doesn't reply. If she doesn't reply, then move on, she's likely not interested.

    • If she doesn't reply "after that", then move on ... forgot to add that part ^^ :O

    • Ahhh... boy, if you read what I mentioned to the other girl above... she really seemed interested...