How do I initiate a kiss!?

I am a very shy girl and my friend thinks this guy likes me.. he is shy too so she suggested I kiss him. How do I do that!? When is a good time? How do I know? I feel like such a guy haha. How do I do it!? I've been kissed... but haven't kissed others much I suppose, only the one person I used to be in a serious relationship with but I wasn't shy around him. This is a new person who doesn't expect it! What if he doesn't even like me and he rejects me? help!


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  • I'd say to wait and find out for sure if he likes you...or be as sure as you can be before you kiss him. And, it may even be a good idea to try to get him to kiss you. try to get yourself alone with him, break the personal space barrier by touching his arm when you laugh at something he says or whatever, and look at his lips fairly often. That should send him the message you want to kiss him. However, if he doesn't get it, then if you two are alone or out somewhere or something, and you know he likes you, and you like him, then yeah, kiss him! Just when you're talking and facing each other, and it gets quiet between you, move in closer and go for it! and to avoid being rejected, maybe start to get closer, and then stop, and if he moves in to you, keep going and kiss him! if he doesn't move in, then move in a little closer, and if he still doesn't move, see if it seems like he wants to kiss you, and if he does, go for it, but if it doesn't seem like he wants to, then back off a little. I hope this makes sense and it helps! good luck girlie! :)

    • Yeah, problem is, I've rejected him mult times... so I don't think he's expecting it at all. He might even push me away. That definitely made sense though! Thanks! Gah, I just don't know if this is going to work, my friend said that since I've rejected him so much I need to prove to him that I like him with a grand gesture... what if he completely backs off? This could be very bad.

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    • ah. okay. well I'll go un-annonymous. lol. and you can friend me if ya want! and we can chat some more, (but we can't chat tonight, because I'm getting off now. lol.) or whatever! :)

    • haha sure, here my sn in roxygirlskier. hopefully that helps!


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  • Well moment is the most important thing in your first kiss, if moment is wrong, it'll be just mechanical if you know what I mean. I think first thing you should do is warm him up a bit and your self (maybe he'll initiate hims self after understanding and getting comfortable enough with you) How? how about you and him take a walk in a park, beach somewhere quite and people free place flirt with him a bit in theory he should take your hand if not take his ( I guess he is worth doing all that, shy guy most of a time means nice and sweet guy) after that well again in theory you should be walk very close to each other with you hands locked. Then just find a right moment in words like saying something for example ohh this is so romantic while kind of slowing down and looking at him or something like that, use your imagination ( I know it is hard especially because you are a girl and you should do those things, but they are possible BELIEVE ME!) and then it should happen. If it won't happen, you'w got one more try when he'll get you home, that's where it SHOULD happen.

    • Wow, thanks for the advice. My only problem: this is a boy I have unknowingly rejected over and over again. He will NOT be expecting this and may in fact freak out in the moment. In fact, holding his hand would def freak him out. He pretty much has said he doesn't like me and the chapter is over, but no one believes him, not even me. He makes comments and looks at me like he wants to kiss me, but says he definitely isn't interested. Meh. I'm nervous about this one. This is to kind of win him back

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    • Yee it's hard to find things again that were deliberately lost lol I feel you. Well, the best thing you can do, is simply to talk to him. Just ask him if he wants to hang out with you one on one session, no friends, very important. And see if you and him are on the same line and have the same interests, I'm sure both of you would open up about what happened and why maybe you can get back after a little emotional talk in fact maybe thing will get even better.

    • Hm yeah. I just don't' know what to do. I know I want to be with him and my friends convinced me this was the only way I'd get him ha. Now I feel so silly thinking that. It's totally not going to work because it doesn't work that way

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  • well if you guys hang out and there is a moment where you see he is looking at you and eyes lock that is a good moment to do it

    • yeah, but this is a guy I've rejected mult times... I don't think he is expecting it...

    • that might just be the thing you need though take him by surprise

    • yikes. have you read any of the comments I left up above? I have a feeling he'll reject me... big time.