How to deal with being labeled a loser

hate to say this, but I am in my late 20s and I can't get my life together. I'm going to school and will finish next year with a BA at a university, but I already have a degree from a community college. When I was younger I had no idea what to do in college. My hormones were racing and I thought... Show More

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  • Stop looking back and regerting stuff Or thinking about stufF that happened ages ago.

    You are 24 right? It is not too late,you have nothing to worry about like wife,children...etc. Restart, You have time to rebuild yourself and do better,take other courses you like,Start working and studying again,you are now just wasting time sitting,complaining and putting yourself down the way others did to you.

    Just let that go and start from now making plans, visualize your goal,imagine that you are going to it And work to Really get to it.

    We humans need someone to motivates us,doesn't matter if it's in a negative or possitive way,even If they called you loser,it is a way for you to move forward,they are pushing you forward to prove the opposite.

    Yea,We feel weak when no one encouarges us or with us, things end up hard on us. but it is OK, you are not alone, your parents are waiting for you to be that person who they couldn't be. a successful man. you are alive so keep trying to acheive your goal,you are not going to lose anything.

    Make at least your parents proud of having you in their lives.

    And you are not a lazy loser, prove that, not to them or to anyone else but yourself, do you think that they are right? What others think about you doesn't matter,what you think of yourself does.