Why do I keep worrying that she'll stop liking me?

I know she likes me a lot. A LOT! But I keep worrying if I do something wrong, she'll stop liking me. I just wish I could just go with the flow and stop worrying so much about it but I keep thinking if I screw up, I might lose her. Ugh!


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  • If you keep overthinking this...perhaps you will mess this up.

    Relax, and just be yourself.

    Along the way there will be things she doesn't like about you and you will probably feel that way about her (No one is perfect, we can't like everything about someone.)

    If she really likes you she will be accepting of your flaws and note that down, as a part of what makes you you.

    Good luck. It will all turn out fine.


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  • the more you feel like this, the more you're going to lose her. just relax and be normal


What Guys Said 1

  • It has happened. In fact, many girls have stopped liking me. However, I doubt that you have my bad luck with women. Thus, you just try your best and forget the rest.