She didn't text back, what next?

So I met a girl on a dating site. She said she is straightforward and hates games. Which I agree 100%. After a week or so she just said hey text me it's easier. So I texted her the next day. We texted a few times. She would go a few hours before replying. I called her that night, she didn't answer, but immediately said, hey I'm at a friends birthday party I'll call you later:)

she didn't call, but I text the next day and acted like it never happened. Later that night I called her and she said I'm at the gym can I call you later? :) how late will you be up? and then she texted me a couple hours later saying hey when I got home I showered and when my phone was charging, I fell asleep, I'll call you tomorrow when I'm awake enough to talk.

The next day I texted her back basically saying okay, that's fine and good morning. she replied like an hour later saying can you talk in an hour. I said I should be able to she called in 30 mins. we talked for 20 then her doorbell rang, her friend randomly showed up, that she would call me back in a little bit. That night I still hadn't heard from her so I said did someone forget to call back? :p or did your friend stay too long haha. she said yes she did and then I had to work. >_<


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  • i don't see anything wrong here? Some people actually give the people in front of them more attention then people over a cell seems like she does want to talk to you, but she has other things going on. Its OK to wait a few hours for a text, it really means nothing at all.

    • I just want to know when I should call or text next?

    • Theres no set rules, everyone thinks there's a day or 2 day rule..Id say text her when you want to, but not too much, if she hasn't responded, don't keep texting until she responds, wait a day and then send another. Space it out a little.


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  • It doesn't sound like there's any games included here, she's just a busy person who doesn't sit on a website 24/7 ready to answer every time something is up.

    It does sound like she wants to talk with you, if she didn't she wouldn't try to reply you or say she'll call back or if you can call her back.

  • She sounds like she's a legitimately busy person. Just give her time.


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  • I believe I've said this a few times already on this site, but it's what you text, not when you text that matters.

    • so what should I text? or should I call

    • Either is fine. There is clearly communication between you two. It's just occasionally hindered by hectic schedules. Taking that into account texting may be wiser simply because both of you don't have to be free at the same time to converse.