What do you guys talk about with your boyfriend or girlfriend about on phone?

the problem is there is this awkward silence between us whenever we call each other, It seems like there's nothing I can share with him, I don't feel like this friends, so any ideas?


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  • That's eventually going to happen so don't worry. My boyfriend and I sometimes watch a show together. For instance we were watching Chopped on food network and we were being competitive and saying who was going to win. In my opinion its best to be doing something at the time but not too much to the point where you can't multitask. Like if you're watching TV and you see a commercial for a upcoming movie talk about that, plan future dates or ask him about the things he's always wanted to do, etc... Its OK to be random and don't over think it.

  • Accumulate more shared experiences and this problem will vanish over time.