What do I do? Should I just tell him not to bother waste his time

I liked a guy at university. As I'm shy it took a lot for me to message him online. Turns out he did not think I liked him. He has not said he likes me but yesterday we texted each other about fifty times. Today I texted him before eleven o'clock. He replied saying he is still in bed. I messaged back saying when you want to talk let me know. He has not spoke to me since. I just text him why does it seem like I'm the only one making the effort sigh! I still have no reply. I keep thinking if I didn't text him first today, would he of spoke to me at all :( I'm just fed up. I took the step to talk to him and he has not given much back. every time I put myself out there I feel like I get rejected. I'm not needy or desperate, I just enjoy talking to him. Its clearly not reciprocated but its like why do I always pick idiots!


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  • Let him be an idiot by himself. You deserve better. He isn't giving you the time of day, so don't give him.

    • Yeah true. Its just hard as I'm going to see him in uni. I did like him but he's not telling the truth as he says he has baggage but he won't say what it is. An I know yeah. Blatantly he's not making time for me :( third guy I've liked he's treating me like sh*t. Great!


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  • Well just move on there's more idiots to pick from!


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  • Recently I had the same problem, just move on because you don't want to waste your time on someone who put a little energy into a txt/short phone call. You're worth more than that SERIOUSLY, respect yourself girlie ;)

    • Yeah he says his fone is touchscreen so its bothersome at times. I was thinking well if you really want to talk to someone you wudnt care about something so trivial lol. He seemed keen and then when I was forthcoming its like he's took ten steps back and he's a closed book. :( sick of guys f***ing me over. Fml

    • Just hang in there and try not to think about him, It's hard, but I realize it's a lot easier when you make plans with family or friends, then you forget about it. Just keep yourself busy doing your own thing lmao I almst texted "that" guy yesterday but stopped myself and went on a hike with some friends instead :D It was really fun by the way lols

    • Its hard. I do think he likes me. He's just in some complicated situation at the moment. He don't feel to tell me yet as we have not even been on one date. He said he will tell me at some point. I think he has baggage. He is 29 so he's bound to have history. Just wish I could help him.