How do I respond to this ?

Ok so I met this girl a few weeks back and I've hung out with her once only but we text everyday and talk on the phone almost everyday, lately I have been noticing disinterest I mean she could be stressed out due to her working and going to school and problems at home... I have asked to her be my girlfriend and she just preaches patience so I don't know what steps do I take now? she says she really likes me and wants to go there... eventually... but I don't know when.. I think she's really awesome and I like her too.but what do I do? I do giver her space like this week pretty much only texting her when she does first.. we been talking for about 3 weeks,so again what do I do?

Also she doesn't wanna hangout she just ignores it or gives excuses... that might be because she's busy but idk...


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  • If she likes you, she will make time to hang out. I think you asking for a relationship (so soon?) is making her nervous and is a little of a turn off...guys should wait until a girl tells you (w/out you bringing it up) how much she loves spending time with you.

    If you really like her, don't act so eager to see her. Don't bring up girlfriend/boyfriend topics, take things slow...what's the rush? Remember there are other compatible people out there.

    • so what do I do? I might not get the concept of taking it slow? I mean just talk as friends? wouldn't that kill interest?

    • hmm for example, if she texts then text when you have a break, but not right away because it's a text right? Take your time, call her after 8 if you haven't texted all day and keep the convo to a minimum like 20 min at most even if you'd like to talk more; it keeps it more interesting or exciting. Why eat the whole cake when you can savor it? And if it's not official, don't ignore other girls, it's OK to flirt with other random girls. Don't forget about your other interests! This keeps


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  • If she REALLY likes you, what's keeping her from hanging out with you? Giving her space is good. If you REALLY DO like her that much then you should wait and let her take her time, maybe she's really busy. OR have you been exerting enough effort to win her? SOme girls appreciate the constant communication but others like the action. :)

  • ...keeps you busy and adds variety to your life. Lets people know what your life doesn't center around them. They respect you more for this, and can naturally sense that you are a well rounded human being. That's what we all want in our life.


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  • Yeah..don't text her anymore..and only talk on the phone when your asking her out. Ignoring and excuses is a very bad sign...shows faling and low interest. I would break contact for 9 days before calling her on the phone...and asking her out on a date. Sounds like she got bored with you after texting and calling everyday. Guys would lose less women if they wouldn't freaking text! Wait until she's your girlfriend to text a little. If she doesn't answer the phone... leave a message for her to call you back. If after 7 days she doesn't call her the same thing..if she declines a date...makes excuses or doesn't return your calls after the 2nd time.. then she's out...forever.

    • so if she text me later today for example don't respond?

    • Anytime she texts you..respond with...lets talk about this on our next date. If you keep doing this..she will stop texting you. You want to see her in person right? Stop texting...and call and ask her out once a week.