What are your thoughts on dating more than one person?

Do you think you should only date one person at a time or as many as you want? Why or why not? Keep in mind I don't mean "girlfriend boyfriend" I just mean seeing each other but you don't have a title. How many people should you go on dates with or talk to? Do you think it's dishonest to talk to more than 1, or no harm done?


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  • It's not dishonest in any way. Dating in 2012 is TOTALLY different than when our parents were dating. When you are "dating" you are still getting to know each other and you're still figuring out if you are a good fit for one another. There is NO REASON to shut down your options to other people unless exclusivity has been established. You don't have to make out with the other dates. If you are more into one guy you can see him more than other men and just meet new guys for casual coffee dates, movies or just as friends. You never know what will happen. If you haven't talked about being exclusive, he might not be thinking this way at all. He could be, but you won't know until you have a discussion. Feel free to contact me any time ;).

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  • I don't see anything wrong with it but it's not for me because I personally wouldn't bother dating someone if I didn't already establish that sort of connection you can really only have with one person at a time. Plus it seems like managing multiple dating partners would be stressful.

  • Never a good idea to mix it up with multiple dating partners. How are you even suppose to make a connection with just one person if you're trying to make one with several.

    Honestly this whole we gotta sleep around date around ect. before we find the right person is ignorant.

    You need to work at it, with one person!

    If you have multiple people you sow seeds of doubt. You will never fully know if it was love or lust or just a fling.

    I'm speaking from experience ( I was on the other side of the spectrum, one of the many a girl was dating and I was never told. :(

  • The first couple dates I think it is alright to do. You are still in the "feeling out" stages of a relationship. However after say 3-4 dates you should probably focus on just one. Someone's feelings are bound to get hurt.

    I dated 3 girls at once before (simultaneously at the same times) and it isn't so great. As a guy I spent a lot of money to take each out. It really wasn't worth it in the end. I only did it because I went through a rut of having 1-3 dates with a girl and it not working out or a person I was dating was regularly "busy" and I only saw her once in a blue moon.

  • You do best making it known on the 1st date that you are dating multiple people... If you make it clear and the people that you are dating is okay with it then that is okay. But think about this. How would you feel if a guy you really really liked dated multiple women then toss you off to the side but he never told you that he was dating multiple people? You would be hurt... Remember to treat others how you would like to be treated... Just saying

  • As long as both people know the relationship isn't exclusive I don't see an issue with dating a ton of people at once. That's dating, not even thinking about what bases to cap. Once things get sexual its mandatory that the relationship become exclusive. The downside to dating a ton of people at once your standards may become higher then what your deserving of and its harder to get the time to really know someone and bond with them.

  • I think you should date one person at a time.

    Dating multiple people at once implies something else other than a long term relationship.


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  • That's where the US differs. Where I'm from you're either with someone or not and if you're with someone else at the same time that's cheating. There is no such thing as dating, exclusivity or the need to have a discussion about your title. It cuts out all the lame excuses, the mind games, the guesswork and all the other bullship

    • yeah..it is one thing to to put on a show of going to movies & circuses...but ..in the end it is really all about mind games..I cannot stand womanizers (male to male) they are all f***ing liars and I/you cannot trust any of them...I have watched that under my nose and it makes me sick to my stomach watch women (or men) pitted against one another for some a**holes or bitches advantage...

    • I really really really don't get the whole exclusive thing

  • maybe the first two dates, before any real intimacy its OK, but after that, it seems dishonest to me unless you are straight up and let your dates know what's going on.

    to me if you re spending a lot of time with someone, and opening up to them and being romantic and getting emotionally invested into something it goes without saying that neither of you should be hooking up elsewhere just because you aren't "officially" together.