If a guy you met online asks for your number is he interested?

chatted with a guy who seemed pretty cool. I actually messaged him but he was interested in me so he initiated a chat with me and we were speaking a lot. he told me straight up that his intentions are serious and he only wants to get involved with a girl who is looking for a commitment (I am)

we spoke for a while I thought it went pretty well. then he asked me for my number so we can continue talking.

i decided that since I messaged him I am going to put the ball in his court this time, and he didn't specifically ask me to text him.

but would he ask for it if he wasn't interested? he hasn't texted me yet but it's only been a day.


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  • He may be interested, but at the same time you should be careful. I would wait for him to text you. If he doesn't, move on. At this point, you only know he "seems pretty cool." Psychopaths seem cool too.

    • yeah he gave me his number too but something about him seems a bit...uneasy I don't know.but I always have that online, my friends just pushed me to try it. he gave me other personal information like where he works and stuff so I don't think he's a crazy. I'm definitely not texting him.

    • Good to hear. Take care.


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  • Yes, he's interested. And obviusly so are you if you're wondering why he hasn't texted you after just a day. Lean back, relax. And if you really want to talk to him you call him, girlfriend.

  • online, I am very timid. at most, I would ask for a email. a phone is a little weird. maybe give him your email instead?


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  • Dont do online dating. Guys don't know how to do long distance relationships. You'll just be f***ed over. That happen to me twice.