Girls - for those of you who have tried online dating, which kind of initial messages are the most successful?

Question says it all. Guys can weigh in too. Just wondering how to best grab someone's attention since girls get so many messages a day.


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  • DEFINITELY not anything along the lines of "hey, what's up?" or "hi." That gives me nothing to go on. I like it when guys message me saying they liked something about me in my profile. Example: "I see you like to draw! I don't mean to brag but I'm a pretty avid doodler myself." Or something.

    Also, don't send one or two neat paragraphs telling me all about you. That screams to me, "I worked hard on this and now I'm sending it to every girl I find cute." I like a first message to be personalized. :) Good luck!


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  • Not all girls get a ton of messages a day. I got maybe one every few days. It depends on the girl. The most successful messages for me were the ones the guy actually showed he read my profile.

    He would ask me questions or reference things on my profile that we had in common. I found that helped a lot in me being able to gauge whether or not I wanted to date him.

    The messages that were least successful were the one's that were "Hi." or "What'sup?" or one's about hooking up :S

  • I like messages that show me the guy read my profile. So when writing a message, make sure you mention something about what I wrote or ask me a question based on my profile. A simple "hey, how's it going?" won't cut it. And don't type short messages. If you can have a conversation over messages that has flow, you should be able to have a conversation in real life.


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