Is it okay to let her date before we date?

I am a freshman in college and before I graduated high school, I was talking to a sophomore. She is a junior this year and will be graduating next year, and her parents don't like the idea of her dating a college guy. We aren't allowed to date until the end of the next school year. A few weeks ago we dropped the L word, and we have been planning on waiting for each other, but yesterday she asked if I would be mad if she dated someone else before she got to college. I told her I would be hurt and that if she still wanted to date in college that we could try but I wouldn't be mad. Was that an appropriate response?


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  • Personally that has bad idea written all over it. This Happened to me once.I started dating a guy, after almost the same situation, and in the end we both got hurt. He is dating someone now and I'm not. It really hurt him and he doesn't talk to me, he won't look me in the eye and is constantly mean. I feel like its a bad idea and if you truly like each other dating other people will only complicate things

    • I think so too but I don't want her to do what I did with my senior year. I spent mine waiting for a girl out of state, and I didn't get to enjoy a lot of things I wish I could have.


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  • she's moved on. move on yourself...You could have someone right in front of you that is meant for you completely. Holding a flame for someone is a bad idea.

    • Well, she said she doesn't have anyone in mind, but its something that had crossed her mind, but I do have someone that I think I might have something with but I don't want to hurt her and the girl I have a thing for has a boyfriend. Story of my life and whatnot.

    • you won't hurt her, she's moved on.

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  • No, if you want her, you better get her; however, since you haven't gotten her yet, you could let her date while you go after the sorority chicks.