Is it a good sign if she sets the date?

I started talking to a girl and recently we have been texting back and forth quite a bit. Today we talked about the kind of movies we like, and I mentioned that we should have a movie night when I get back to campus after spring break, and she said she really wants to do that and that it should be the Saturday after next. She said we should go down to the school library and get some movies and head back to my room and make a night of it. I think this has all the makings of a good night but I'm kind of worried. This will be my first college girl and rumor has it that she has a boyfriend, but rumor also has it that its a hollow relationship that's gonna tank after her boyfriend graduates this semester. Sooooo... Idk. Advice?


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  • You asked her for a date, and she gave you one. There's nothing you should worry about.

    However, I wouldn't get too involved unless you find out she's single. You should talk to her about it before things went too far.


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  • I'd say its a good sign, but if she has a boyfriend watch out...she may be playing with you, or she may think its innocent and you may be in the friend zone

  • really get to know her first

    • I'm kinda trying that as I type this lol. getting to know her fav bands and foods and what she sees in me and what not.

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  • Ima give the good guy Greg response amd the scumbag Steve response

    Good guy Greg is like yeah, take it. She shows interest cause she

    Out and whatnot. Then debating how your little date goes, YOU set up the next one.

    Scumbag Steve. Alrighty bro, check this out. This girl specifically wants to go to your room and watch a movie

    In reality,.your gonna rent the movie, but your not gonna watch it if you catch my drift.

    This is college bro where stuff like that stuff is everywhere. Depends on what you make of the situation really.

    You can't go wrong either way.

    P.S. please wear protection if you do, college girls get around quick!

    • I think the guy she's with now is only the second guy she has been with. From what I can tell she isn't a get around girl, but Ill be sure to stock up on protection just in case. lol

  • Stay away fromcollege activist; be a man. Well dress, go out to different places; be different from college bodies. Keep your college life private! Good luck!