So I'm 24 and never dated anyone for real

How does one go about the process? I see girls going for guys that it blows my mind they would dig on. I mean how many times do they have to personally experience dating guys that previously knocked up other girls only to leave those girls for them, or watch their friends do it before they realize its a bad move? lol

i'm 6'4, I'd say a little fat, but girls have often told me chubby because I'm not like morbid or anything I just have some beer gut, good looking, never really prioritized trying to be in a relationship before, but its starting to get lonely as I get older and everyone I hang out with is less available to do just that.

I'm athletic, like going out, like staying in, big on comedy and traveling. Advice? Any hope?

Haha forgive my pessimism, I just feel like all the girls (even the ones I've slightly lowered my standards to see if it makes a difference) I've tried to catch the attention of are always zoned in on some waste of time guys...


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  • Well, I think they do it because biologically, they want to be with someone, and 'rest their head on something real', not have heartbreak, etc. I guess they aren't really thinking about the consequences, and are just willing to take risks.

    And you seem like you could find someone for you. Just TRY, you know? Easily said, but yeah. Plus being 24 has it's pluses. You are closer to the age when people will be wanting longer relationships, so there is a chance you could find someone to spend the rest of your life with. Think of it that way.

    But also--I don't think it's smart for girls to broadcast who they like right away. Other girls hear it and then try to compete. Which is all silly. So maybe a girl you know could like you but just not be voicing it to other girls/people in general?


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  • Go ahead and start asking women out. If you get rejected, nevermind, count it as experience. I know women who prefer a guy to have a bit of a gut.

    I'm 23 and have never had a boyfriend. I know it's because I don't actually try, and a boyfriend is not priority right now. But I understand how it's easy to get into the routine of being single. Ha and never going out to be available in the first place. Let's not even think about being too unattractive or whatnot.

  • Just go for it, if you see a girl smiling go up to her, but I would,... depending on the type of girls you want to attract try to slim down a little to a healthy looking body.


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  • you just gotta do things that catch their attention

    be spontaneous, take them out to places they wouldn't expect (im not talking about asking them for just dinner or movies)

    if you have a beer gut you can start jogging/jump roping, going to the gym to get rid of it to make your self look better and it will give you more confidence

  • i hate how lack of experience hurts guys but not girls