He is texting less often?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost four months, but this past month he's been texting me less. We still hang out and stuff, but do you guys think he's losing interest or he's busy or just getting comfortable?


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  • He's getting tired of the constant texting.

    I think guys can text as much as girls seem to want, for a short time only. So it happens in the early days of the relationship. The honeymoon period.

    But there's only so long a guy can summon up the willpower to tap out inane banalities 50 times a day to a girl who needs constant reassurance that you're thinking of her.

    • Lol nicely put.

    • Bullseye! My ex text all the time and it did get very old. I'd rather wait to talk on the phone or in person. Have to have that time apart to miss someone


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  • Texting means nothing. As long as he's wanting to be with you as much or more than before, then you're fine.

  • Well if you're spending as much time with him as you did before he stoped texting you so much then you are just fine, it means that he wants to spend more time hanging out with you IRL and less texting/fb chating.


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  • Does he still come and see you as often? Is he glad when you are around, pleased to see you? Then everything is fine.

    If he makes excuses in order not to see you. You don't really have fun when you are together, then you need to address the issue with him.

    • I still see him the same amount as I did before and I still have fun with him.

    • Then I think you are fine. If you are really worried, then next time he comes, tell him you miss texting him the way you used to. However remember that it is normal for things to calm down as a relationship evolves. While at the start everything is exciting, once the relationship reaches a deeper level, you don't necessarily need the same about of exchange. As long as you spend quality time together. Everyone needs a bit of space :)

    • Thank you!