Is it a turn off if you French kiss wrong?

I have never French kissed in my life and when this guy french kissed my I didn't know what to do and I ran my tongue up under his. I really don't... Show More

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  • Honestly, I have found that girls are the ones that are more worried about kissing than guys; I hear my female friends talking about if a guy was a great kisser or not...I don't think I have ever heard my male friends complaining how a girl kisses. I can't speak for all the guys, but as far as I'm concerned, sure kissing can be a turn on sometimes, but it doesn't matter much for me if the girl is a good kisser or not. Of course, I have had some girls that just nibble my lips and didn't know what to do with their tongues, so I would say, 'i guess you don't like tongue contact', and then they got the hint, but I think I was more worried about how long I was going to last! Also, I have had girls tell me, 'oh, I'm not the best kisser', then I tell her, 'then let's practice..' so if you're worried about it, just tell him that you don't feel confident big deal.