Late texts: Is this normal? What could the issue be here?

So there's this girl who seems pretty attracted to me, we've been talking for awhile now and she texts me pretty often.

I should note: She's always the one to text me first. Here's the weird part. She'll text me, I text her back usually within like five minutes, and then it takes her almost 30 minutes to respond. It's got me confused because I figure if she's texting me first she obviously wants to talk and she isn't really ignoring me, but a half hour seems a bit long when it comes to responding via text.

Btw, this isn't a one-time occurrence. I could understand if it was and I'd just assume she's busy or something. She does this almost all the time when we text...


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  • She's probably a multi-tasker, possibly communicating with multiple people at the same time.


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