Good looking guys looking younger than their age, would you date them ?

is age a number for you or deal breaker considering the fact he looks younger and good looking, I am not talking about 20 or 15 years difference,maximum 10 years difference between you and them

to be specfic good looking guys in 20's


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  • a had a guy that fit that description who was 9 and a half years older than me who was interested in me...honestly, I was afraid to go for it because of the age difference...i think the older you are, it doesn't matter as much (like if a 40 and 30 year old dated) that is a huge difference between a 18 and 28 year old, ya know? it really depends on the situation, but's not a definite deal breaker :P

    • 18 and 28 not bad in my imo, girl who has 7 years youngers than me was afraid to be with me because she was scared of what her friends would think of it

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    • well some people care what others think more than other people do...personally, if it was me, and I liked a guy enough, my friends would NOT be a deal breaker... :P

    • add to that she was strongly attracted to me more than people of her age group

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  • If you look good, why not?

    • You look 60 years younger than your age ,are you like captain America or something

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    • nah, you don't want this dried up raisiny vagina. It's all dusty and's like a gaping hole...

      you don't want that burden.

    • great you should type all that stuff while I am eating

  • if he look 10 years younger than me that would be a problem.

    good looking guys in their early 20s who look like teens are not attractive to me.

    • Lately I came across girls who are into these guys,most of the girls prefer boyish rather than manly

    • well to each her own, for me the manlier the better. I hate young looking.

    • The day I look manly I get the least attention,the day I look boyish or more like sufer guy I get the maximum attention

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  • I'm not quite sure what you're asking. I'm assuming it's "Would you date a guy who looked younger than his actual age?" I asked a similar question about a year ago. The answers varied. Some would, some wouldn't. Looking young isn't productive in attracting women, but it isn't a hindrance either.

    • say he is in late 20s yet he looks like he is 24-25,like he looks 4 years younger than he is

    • Well, in that case, I doubt many would care either way.

  • id say my cut off is 22 no older then that