Is going to prom alone bad?

Since the beginning of the year, my friends and I have said we'd go to prom together (we're 4 girls). Two of them asked guys to be their date not long after so me and my best friend decided it wasn't a big deal to go alone together (we made a deal). She went ahead and asked a guy to go with her the same day after telling me this. So now I'm the only one left alone; I'm a really shy girl so no boy has asked me. My fiends offered (out of guilt) to talk to a boy to let him know I'm available, but I plan on saying no because that's desperate. Is it bad to be the only one going alone? How will I seem to others?


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  • Ask a guy. He doesn't even have to go to your school. Or just go with your friends suggestion and explain to him that all of your friends were supposed to be dateless ad go with you, but they changed the plans.

    • I don't mind going alone. What bothers me is that my friends ditched me. I'm just afraid to seem like a loner if I go alone, or like I have no guy friends just because I'm shy.. Will I? Or will people pity me?

    • I know most people are gonna tell you to go dateless. But you will honestly have a better time with a date. Prom Is kind of ment for dates and I'd pissed at my friends if they did that too. Going dateless is definitely a concern of mine too! :S


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  • Working under the assumption that you will not get a date by prom, there are two possible scenarios.

    1. Going to the prom dateless but with all of your friends.

    2. Staying at home dateless without any of your friends.

  • I see nothing wrong with going alone. I wish I had.

    The girl I asked left me the moment we got in there. Ruined my night. Wish she had just said no to me initially.

    I would of had more fun if I just went alone.


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  • if you want to go alone, go alone. I'm going alone. My best friend ditched me for a guy too. Don't worry about what other people think... not everyone is going to have a date. &you never know.. you may get asked to dance ;)

    but if you don't want to go alone.. ask your friends to subtly hint to a guy (anyone you're interested in) that you're going solo &leave it up to him. Or ask some other friends to go.

    Just enjoy your night :)