I am technically new in the dating scene and I am really afraid

OK I am 19 and I had 2 boyfriend. with my first we were at the same clique and we were good friends and texted a lot and so our relationship started. we never had a date before our relationship we also didn't kiss or something before we were a couple. same story with the second.

now I am single for half a year and I am happy

but there is this cute guy who lives in my student dorm next to me and I like him and I guess I would like kissing him and so on... but when he comes I get so nervous and sometimes we don't know what to talk and then there is an embarrassing silence

and I know he likes me and my friend said he will ask me out in the next time (which I guess is true because he told something about going to parties 2 hours ago)

but I have never been on such a date...what shall we do if we go out to a club alone? I am not suuuuch a good dancer and I have to drink something before I can dance. okay and what if we kiss then? how should I act the next morning if we see us in the common kitchen?

my only solution to stop my nervously would be drinking before the date...help please!


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  • Act like normal s kiss is a kiss nothing more or less..