I drunk texted the guy I'm seeing?

I did it once before and the next day sent an apology text and he said it was OK and it made him laugh. But last night I was drinking and I told him in advance to watch out for drunk texts, which he just laughed at. But I sent him 3. One said, hey I think you're really cool, wish you were here. The next said: also you are awesome, you should know the thoughts I am thinking. (which I don't even know what they were probably something stupid or gossipy) and the last just said: I'm home safe no worries :). I feel so dumb and embarrassed. So today I sent him a text that said : Wow I don't even know what the hell I meant in the texts, sorry hope you are weirded out now lol. I think he will just laugh at them but it's the second I'm most worried about because what if he thinks I was thinking about sexual things or even marriage? I don't know, I just hope my stupidity didn't ruin this. I mean we just laugh about them and from previous drunk texts I've sent he just laughed and vice versa.


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  • He's probably going to assume sexual things from your second text.

    • but do you think that he is weirded out by any of it or will think it's just funny, since he has before?

    • He'll probably just laugh it off.

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  • well I think you should lighten up on yourself a little bit ok? :o) so what if you sent him cute texts while you were out. seriously I don't think its a big deal (i've pulled the same stupid prank myself and I was totally embarrassed until I heard back from the guy I've been seeing and he didn't even mention anything about my silly drunk text msg). if anything I wouldn't be sending apologies after the fact unless he mentions something. that's where it might start sounding dorkee to him :o)