Is she ever going to text or call me back?

I approached and started talking to this girl in school when she was with her group of friends. After talking for a couple of hours, I asked her out. After I asked her out, I asked for her number. Then I called her to tell her were the place that I picked out was. Then I picked her up. Then I paid for the date. Then I drove her back.

To not be completely unfair, she did show up, and she did say thank you. She was very happy and talkative, but so was I. Apart from that, she hasn't really done anything else. I like her, but common, she has my number, she can call or text me. I'm not going to call or text her, seriously. I don't want to be with a girl who expects a man to just do everything.

How long do you think I should wait until I should start moving on to someone else?


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  • Honestly, she might be afraid you aren't interested...and doesn't want to be rejected if she texts you. Maybe you should text her just by saying you had a good night? With your attitude of 'I don't want to be with a girl who expects a man to just do everything' will probably make you fail at a lot of relationships. Just because she doesn't call, doesn't mean she expects you to do everything. She could be scared. And, from my experience, it always seems like I am too interested when I text first. So, I probably wouldn't text first either. Just because I wouldn't want to be rejected- or I wouldn't want to call someone who didn't want me to.

    I do not know. It all depends on that person..whether I would call or not.


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  • well I have no idea when you went on your date with her but yeah its usually cool to just send a message to next day to say it was nice or fun. whether she does or you do. and I guess if you asked her out then you should just follow up and let her know if you had a good time (or not). sounds to me like she's just as nervous as you are with how to make the next move. *sigh* you guys :o)

  • I think you should text her first, for right now. She's probably afraid to text you because she thinks you're not interested. Just text her and let her know that you had a good time, and let her make the next move from there, so that she at least knows you actually want to talk to her.


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