How can I tell if he might like me more than a friend?

One of my brothers friends added me on Facebook recently. So I gave him my number and we've been texting off and on . Normally I'm the one initiating the conversations but he works 2 jobs. He never ignores me or anything though and is always replying to my texts. I'm just kind of tired of having to be the one to start the conversations. It's probably not a good sign if he doesn't initiate the conversations right?


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  • Well you say he has two jobs, so that and personal life might take a lot of time. Still at times he should initiate, that is a way of showing his interest, otherwise. Not only when you text him. he is busy but that's no excuse, he should at least few times text you. Bothering to text you first would mean he took the time to do so. Maybe I like being naive but he can be shy about texting you first. Or he can be taking it for granted maybe, dunno. I'm curious though, what would happen if the messaging stops from your initiative ? Will he start texting or not? Just saying:P


What Girls Said 1

  • From what I can tell, not really. It's nice if you initiate once, and he initiates another time. THen you don't feel like you're pulling or nagging for a text.