My boyfriend ALWAYS forgets to call. Why? Would love a guy's opinion

Almost every time, without fail. He'll say something like "I'll call you when I'm home," or "I'll call you later," but he never does. He knows this bothers me, as I've told him multiple times, but he claims that he forgets. I would understand if this happened every once in a while, but every time? I honestly can't figure out why he does this... everything else about our relationship is great. We're also long distance for a few months, so I like to hear his voice. And when we DO talk, we often talk for hours on end and its amazing, so it can't be that he doesn't like the phone. What gives, and how do I fix it?


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What Guys Said 1

  • If you are LD, he might just have that burst of relief of finally getting off the highway and collapsing through his door.

    So, he forgets to call.

    Tell him to alarm his cell phone to remind him to call you the first thing the next morning after arriving home. You'll get your call if he sets it.


What Girls Said 1

  • Tell him to make an effort - do something extra to remind himself, especially if he's going to say it to you. If he doesn't want to bother, he should just stop saying it haha.. Nothing else that you've mentioned stands out as to why or how he's feeling.