I don't like guys for long?

I'll like a guy and be like oh my gosh he's so hot! and whatever for like a couple of weeks and then I just stop liking him. Even if I'm talking to someone I just stop liking them at some point. I've had boyfriends before but it doesn't last long. Maybe it's because I'm still a teenager and my hormones are going all crazy? Is anyone else like this?


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  • it can be because you can't find everything you are looking for in one person, so you find scattered qualities in different people

    • Now that I think about it, that's actually true! I'm a very picky person, but I'm working on it! lol

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    • Well I don't want to lower my standards but make them more realistic. I do think I have really high standards and that can definitely be a problem. I won't change my standards completely, just make them realistic.

    • xD

      then that IS a good thing :)

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  • By teenager, I assume you mean 18 and 19 as your profile implies.

    Typically, your hormones won't go crazy until you break your 30's, because you are female. It is the males who struggle with this15 - 20, unless you are cyclicaly irregular and have hormone fluctuations (don't tell me if you are or aren't, its too much information either way :)).

    Women generally fall in and out of love faster. Guys take longer to start loving, but longer to let go.

    I assume you are content with the way you are, so I don't have any suggestions unless you are specifically interested in creating enduring relationships. Your question only asked if anyone else is like this, or if your hormones were going crazy. Yes some other people are like that, no your hormones aren't going crazy unless you have a hormonal health problem which is typically treated by a doctor with birth control pills.


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  • I knew someone who told me she liked a new guy every 2 days on average, otherwise everyday. She was the only one I knew like that...

  • This is me.

  • I'm the same way.