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I think this guy might like me..(he posted on my wall, we keep a good conversation going in person as well as online, he makes a point to constantly be around me or grab my attention when I'm around, we have a lot in common, and I personally think he might be a pretty good catch). I detached from a relationship I wasn't 'into' about two months ago and don't want to come off as too available. I welcome his convo's, laugh, smile, joke around, and recently gave the guy my number (he wants to teach me turkey calling) but I haven't pursued it any farther yet (I'm not one that initiates chasing; I tend to play "tag").. any pointers on how to keep the 'pushes and pulls' on him the correct way without seeming to forward or uninterested in him?...


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  • I think if he wants to hang out then I see no harm with him teaching you turkey calling. It's not like he is a boyfriend but a friend for now. I think if you play to hard to get to much then it could make him loose interest. It also depends on how much patience he has. I think it's good that you enjoy his company. It seems like their is some flirting going on. And you said that you do not want to rush things or be to available since your last relationship. First you have to get over the ex, then move forward. Go with the flow and you can do a lot of things to not seem to needy or to interested. Just take things slow and when you hang out with him. Just hang out with him enough not an everyday type of thing.

  • Be a little cold on and cold...


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