First kiss tomorrow?

Soo...yes...The big #1...I'm going to lose some sleep over this tonight :D

I have googled this before, for advice, everyone just says "relax and don't think about it"

Can someone give me some other advice, or stories of your 1st?

He has kissed but I haven't (:

We are going ice skating...Does it usually happen during the date or after...?


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  • Previously while we were at her house her mom would continually go up and down the stairs, so as to keep an eye on us while we completely ignored the movie we were supposed to be watching, instead enjoying each other, our worthy distractions :) This led us to meet the next time somewhere more private (my couch) as we resumed not watching a movie together. This is where my first kiss happened, when my girlfriend and I were laying on the couch, her on top of me. Per usual, we'd just lay there together, gazing deep into the others' eyes. As we'd lay there together, one time I just felt the urge to kiss this girl. She told me she loved me, I lovingly admitted the same. It was at this time that I went in 90% and she met me the other 10%. You see, nobody taught me mechanics associated with kissing, I had to figure it out myself Initially my eyes were open, but I felt awkward with hers being closed that I closed my own. After this kiss the relationship took an entirely different meaning for me. I felt a stronger sense of responsibility to look after her, take care of her, and with all of this, bend over backwards to stay at least one step ahead of her to ensure her needs were met before they even emerged. I wouldn't think this could happen anymore with modern relationships, granted all of the media exposure and ever-present public display of affection going on everywhere contrasting from my experience six years ago.

    I'd say as long as you don't constantly mind it or try to expect it, the kiss will carry even greater impact with you and your relationship. Many girls like endearing spontaneity from their boyfriends, if this sounds any bit like you try and focus your mind on the fact that he's there with you and do your best to enjoy every moment you have together! Should the kiss happen be sure not to panic, since he's had experience let him lead and take after. If tongue happens from him jut lick his tongue in your mouth. Happy kissing!


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  • It happens whenever you like. But yeah it looks like you know all you need to know. Basically just relax, and don't think, just do. It's really hard to screw up a kiss. Just do what you can and if he puts his tongue in, just sorta stroke his tongue with yours like it was an ice cream or something. God I'm bad at wording this.

    Anyway, just kiss him, and relax, and it will come to you naturally, soon enough.

  • You should try getting used to giving him kisses (yes it's better if the girl does) on the cheek when you meet him. One you're comfortable with that you can move on to actual kissing like making out instead of waiting for a dramatic first kiss moment. That way it's more natural, and umm... I've heard you see fireworks so don't be alarmed by the noise (some people hear them too :/ )


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  • I didn't get my first kiss until I was 19... and I'm so glad I waited.

    Yes, just relax and go with the flow. I really liked this guy and I wanted to kiss him, so it went fairly naturally and I got lost in the kiss. Don't worry about it too much and it WILL be amazing. It can happen any time. Just establish eye contact and either make the move, or wait for him to. Simply relax, don't try too hard to use your tongue or anything like that, and let it flow. You'll love it.