Advice for a young guy coming back into the dating scene?

Basically, after breaking up with my girlfriend over two years ago, I took a break from the dating scene and focused on my career and personal life. Now, having reached a point where I'm well off financially and have plenty of free time, I've decided I'd like to get back to looking for the right girl. Since my previous two gf's were both originally friends I made during childhood, I'm pretty green at meeting and dating women spontaneously (A.K.A.. Bars, Clubs, Activities, etc). I'd love some advice from both men and women alike on how to approach the subject and maybe good places/avenues to develop that relationship. If it helps I'm 23, 5'11, sing/play guitar/write music, and love outdoor activities/hitting the gym. Id love to date long-term, but I'm open to advice on short-term fun. Sorry if that turned out fairly wordy, haha.


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  • Well, because I don't believe in sex before marriage (when you say "fun", I'm assuming that is what you meant), I would advise you not to, but it's your life. I'm just saying, when you have some fun with that chick from that club and you can't remember her name, what did you benefit? When you go into the dating scene and do some crazy stuff and get drunk, what came out from it? Don't do things that you will regret. Find a nice girl, it might take sometime, but you'll get there eventually, considering your talents write her a song or something ha ha just think, would you rather have a few flings and then forget about it another time when you have a couple more? or would you have a long-term relationship with a girl that your most likely going to marry and continue to love and do anything for her and she will do the same? I hope this helped :)


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  • Well, if in fact you are a wealthy, young musician who loves the outdoors and is in good shape, I hardly think you'll have too much trouble finding women who are interested, lol.

    If I had to impart one piece of advice, it would be to make conversations everywhere: when you're in line at a store, at the gym, during some activity you're engaged in (definitely at one of your music gigs), etc. If you see an opportunity to start talking to some cute girl who happens to catch your eye, go for it.