Going out with this guy for the first time...should I expect him to pay?

We're meeting up at this pearl milk tea cafe, and I'm nervous. I'm a real fair person, but there's still that old fashioned streak going around. If he pays, or doesn't pay what does that say about him? I will of course reach for my wallet, but I'm hoping he stops me because I'm a bit old fashioned.

Please don't yell at me just yet...I DON'T expect him to pay all the time if this goes further ;) It's just because this is the 1st date. What should I expect? I really like him, and he seems like the sweetest man in the world (we're both 24).

Thanks, I'd appreciate honest opinions.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Be prepared to your way, but he will probably offer to pay for the whole meal.


What Girls Said 1

  • Reach for the wallet and see what he does. If he allows you to pay, and it turns you off, then don't go out with him again. Most guys appreciate the "reach" but will not allow you to pay. I've never had a guy let me pay on the first date before.