No calls/texts for 2 weeks?

My off and on again boyfriend of 9 years stopped calling me for two weeks last month.I texted and called but he didn't return any of them. I called his sis to see if something bad had happened to him. She said he was fine.

Finally, after 14 days of not hearing from him/ seeing him I gave up. Should I have waited?


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  • If I were you I'd run! If a guy feels its okay for him to just not talk to you or return calls and texts then he isn't worth your time. Just take it as the relationship is over, look after yourself and move on from him. Everyone deserves something more than an on/off relationship.


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  • He sounds like he doesn't want to talk to you from my perspective. That could be for multiple reasons. Even if you do give up if he wants to talk to you he will eventually when he feels like it. Remember you said it you're self you don't have a stable relationship with him in the first place. If you do talk to him you should make a change in regard to how stable your relationship is.

  • i would run in the other direction! Just forget about him