Texting while he's with the boys big sign?

Guy I started dating less than two weeks ago was out with his boys last night but he was texting me all night, really every minute, responding fast and he texted he first. I said have fun but he just continued talking and flirting and also planned our next date.

He told me the guys are teasing him about who he is texting all night and even said something like too bad I'm not there.

So would you say these are good signs and he likes me and wants more than just a physical relationship? We haven't gone far at all.

all we did was make out not even go under the clothes and he says he doesn't want to push my limits and talks about how much he liked just doing that. But we only did it at the end of the date, more time spent talking.


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  • That's a very good sign. You don't have to go physical yet. If he's really into you, then that can wait. Don't rush it.


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  • He's interested, no doubt. I think it's worth giving it a try, the fact that you can chat a whole night, shows that you would be more than capable of having a full fledged relationship.

    Good luck, miss C:


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  • Awww he really likes you (: Especially since everything is still so new... don't get use to the texting while with the boys thing though, cause that will stop once everything is old lol.