Can you text back to quickly? Lmao

Ive been with my boyfriend for about two awesome years now, and I've just really how much of my attention I really give him. All of it. Haha. I love to hear my phone go off because I know it's going to be him. I always text back right then. But he always texts me back instantly as well. Is that annoying? Should I wait a few then text him back make him wait a little. I'm just always eager to hear what he has to say lol


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  • No, don't bother 'waiting' a bit before texting him back.

    The longer a girlfriend takes to text the boyfriend back, the more insecure he could possibly feel.

    Both of you have good communication. Keep it up and don't start playing bullsh*t mind games.

    • Sounds like a plan. Haha(:

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  • never keep him waiting. I agree with the other guys. don't start playing games with him now. he sounds like a good guy you have their. don't ruin it now. if you started doing that to me, I would begin too think what's her game with me?

    if he is good guy and like him a lot. keep him, and don't play silly beggars with him.

    • your communication is very good, that's why you have in relationship for 2 years and it being awesome. keep it up with what your are doing. don't change anything now.

    • Thank you.(:

    • no problem. good luck. keep it up if you are getting so well.

  • i wouldn't wait around deliberately, but there is no need to stop what you are doing to answer the text straight away either. the communication is clearly good in your relationship to be together two years in


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  • Aww lol. You've been with him for two years, it doesn't matter how quickly reply. You're at the stage where you just feel comfortable in each others presence, and where you're comfortable sending and receiving dull texts when you run out of things to say, so it's okay.