How do I get him to text me first?

I met him a couple months ago, and I was the one who asked for his number because we really hit it off. I didn't ask for his number for any reason other than I wanted to be friends. I'm interested in him, but I'm graduating this year and he's not, so I'm hesitant to start anything more than a friendship. Anyway, I text him sometimes because I have legitimate questions for him, and he'll talk for a little and be totally fine and then he'll just stop texting for no reason in the middle of the conversation. (Like, not even in a normal place to stop) So I guess I have two questions. 1. How do I get him to text me first? and 2. How do I get him to continue a conversation?


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  • Well, if he stops texting you chances are he is not that interested in you. I wouldn't bother really. You already have his #. It's best to wait till he misses you, maybe absence does make the heart grow fonder.


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  • You can't...


    You could tell him how you feel about his abruptness but that's kind of weird because it seems like he's not interested.