Seeing a guy for a few months... How long do I have to wait before we can be exclusive?

I've been talking with a guy for a few months now and he makes a lot of comments about our future, but he still hasn't asked to be exclusive (bf and gf). I don't know how long I should wait before saying something. I don't think he's seeing anyone else, because we are always hanging out or on the phone with each other, but realistically it can be a possibility. : /


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  • He could be thinking exactly the same thing as you but doesn't know how to bring it up either! it's not a horrible question to ask of him, you're simply asking are the two of you officially together. You're not saying something too early because it's been a few months and he's mentioning future plans too. Sometimes guys don't even think about that question, they just assume that once you're going out for a while then it goes without saying that you are boyfriend and girlfriend. Have you met his family and friends yet? He wouldn't introduce you to them unless it was serious and if he's talking about future plans anyway then he's obviously planning on you staying around :)

    Don't wait any longer, take a deep breath and come out with it!

    • Yeah, I've met his friends and his family. It's practically like we are boyfriend and girlfriend, but w/o the title... We're just in this weird stage.


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  • How long do you have to wait? You past that point a long time ago. Go ahead and bring it up to him.

    • I guess that's where I have a problem. I don't know how to bring it up.

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  • I would say to him, "I don't know if you're seeing anyone else, but I'm not really one to have sex consistently without being monogamous, I think it can get pretty messy so I wanted to discuss it with you." Then it just comes across as you being worried about health and feelings regarding your sex life and may spark the talk about exclusivity.