I kinda want to ask a girl to prom?

Our mothers are friends and my mom often talks about her being pretty and he asks if I think so(I do).At school we aren't really friends but we know each other. My mom really wants me to go to prom and sh*t but she made no reference to the girl. I feel like if I ask her then I will think somehow my mom influenced my decision(which she kinda already is) and I couldn't stand thinking of myself as a mamas boy or whatever. Am I over thinking this and should I just ask her? By the way I'm a junior and have never asked a girl out...


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  • If you think she is pretty and worth getting to know then ask her. Who cares what either of your parents think, as long as she knows that its because YOU want to take her and not because your mom wants you too there should be no problem


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  • As you build experience in this area you may learn that you're making choices for your future. Yes, there may be suggestions but ultimately if you want to pursue her it's your choice. Just be straightforward with her when you ask, wearing a smile for sure because smiles are attractive, practice lone in front of a mirror to boost confidence, confidence is also attractive to girls. Good luck!