Should I go for someone my age or what should I look for?

I have seriously been single for about 4 years now!!! Yeah I have dated people for over two months or so but I don't consider anything under 4 months a girlfriend!!! I am an extremely picky guy! Well I think so!

I am rather attractive and very funny and just I guess too forward for the common woman. I truthfully date women from 24 to 39 because of maturity level and the fact that some are actually stable!


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  • Well age is not a problem I think as long as you don't go below 18 years old. What is more important is connection with that person and I don't think you should be focusing on age... however you don't want to go that young or that old... just around your age... but like I said look in a girl qualities you like .....

    I think being picky is good; I mean everyone should have their own standards... I have my own... and I consider picky myself... sometimes to a point where it's too much.... I have been out of he date scene for a looooonnnnnngggg time ... believe me. I just don't date anyone, just the one that can win my attention. So no rush ... and by the way, if that is you on the picture, you look pretty cute to me...


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  • I don't think age should be an issue as long as she's stable and mature! LOL. I've talked to guys younger than me (but not too much younger) and as long as they act their age and not their shoe size everything is cool. I would caution you on being too picky though. We all have standards that we set which is great but you want to make sure that you don't pass up a great girl just because she doesn't fit your regular MO. I have dated some awesome guys that were very different from who I usually date and that has taught me to open up my mind a little more. Still, bad hygiene will always be a big NO! LOL.

  • Being picky is good in a way. Sometimes you may overlook someone that is staring you in the face.Age to me is not a huge ordeal. I am 28 so if I decide to date someone 5 years younger than me I expect him to be mature and stable. Its really hard to to put in age bracket on women that you intend to date. There are immature 30 year olds for example. Its really just gettin to know the person. Then from there on out you decide.


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