Military relationships?

I really want to join the military but I would really like to have a family someday too and my biggest fear is getting left or cheated on during deployment I just can't see any woman (or man) going a year or more without seeing her/his spouse and not finding someone else or cheating and I know military divorces are really high probably for that reason, the military is really my only option since the economy is all jacked up so should I just go the military route and forget a family and "marry my work" or should I try to take my chances in the civilian world


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  • Military divorces are high? I've been around the military for my entire life, and have only witnessed two divorces (one because the husband was an arrogant, ill-mannered, player of a Marine.)

    And among various assignments, my father was deployed for an entire year-- I assure you that my mother remained loyal.

    As long as the woman you marry truly is the love of your life; as long as you are also the love of her life, I wouldn't worry. My extended family, friends, and acquaintances are predominantly in the military, and are all going strong.

    I also plan on joining, but I'm not sure how that will function in the relationship department (because I'm female.)

    If your ambitions are in the service, don't "take your chances" in the civilian world. Ladies love a man in uniform, believe me.

    • Yea that's what statistics say anyway, my problem is that I want to join the af but I don't know if I can because of some prior medical issues so my only chance will probably be army and their deployments are VERY long so I doubt I will even have the time to fall in love. I'd rather have a girl love me for me and not my uniform but I get what your saying it just seems like my whole generation is devoid of morals

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    • And I didn't intend the "Ladies like men in uniforms" bit to come across that way. I have never met a woman so shallow that she's more concerned about your standing in the military... what I meant was that it is generally seen as handsome, and that you will be loyal and intelligent.

    • Coast guard is hard to get into considering you have to have a minimum asvab score of 70 to get in and another thing I forgot to mention is I don't know what I would do relationship wise if I ever got PTSD I have heard too many story's of men attacking or thinking about attacking their spouses for no reason I wouldn't be able to live with myself :/


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  • My cousin did a tour in Afghanistan and Iraq and he is with the same person he married a decade ago when he joined and the have two kids. There are still faithful women out there :) (I know this is like a really old question but i was looking at military ones and this one cought my interest)

  • The relationship between the two is base on the trust. No matter what time, what place, as long as the trust each other, love is there. I used to know a girl those boyfriend is a military on the web 'kissingmilitary. com'. She told me that they also met on this website, has been more than four years, two people stay together only a few time, but they are all very trust each other, has been very good feelings, are going to get married. So, if you want to join the military, join in, I believe in that there is girl will support you and stay with you the life time.

  • Honestly I have a boyfriend in the Military. Yes there will constanly be that fear of your woman cheating and vice versa. But I feel that if military is something you wan't to do don't let your fear keep you from it. A career in military from my knowledge is very stable. You have all your life for a relationship. I feel its mostly depends on the woman you choose! Me and my boyfriend have established a great trust, and it's possible to make things work if you do decide you want a relationship. Just watch out some women can be very sneaky and good at hiding their true intentions. You never know you could meet a spouse in the military!

  • There is a chance of cheating and/or divorce whether you are military or not. It is absolutely possible to find a woman who will stand by your side and not cheat and be able to handle the military life. My boyfriend is in the Army and we have a strong relationship (have from day one), we both know what we expect and what we can handle. Don't just 'take your chances' because you are worried about relationships, plenty of military relationships work out perfectly fine!


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