What was so wrong with this guy?

Fadeaways are really sad...this guy I was "dating" with because it all turned into "hanging out" it was only one month, pffff...I was visiting him at his house, we didn't go anywhere, all the time his place, it was his birthday and I decided to do something small for him and "special", so I came to him with a piece of cake, a candle on and when he opened the door I said: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! then I said: blow the candle out, ask for a wish and eat it! and the stupid ate it and said at the end: how much did it cost you? 5 cents? I sad: NO! that wasn't the price! :S then he said again: one dollar? pffff wow! I thought it was like a little detail and the stupid said that...men are really stupid. I like men of course but believe me, they don't see the way they hurt even in small things like that.

Then I saw him again for the last time and we had a good time, no sex, to me he didn't deserve it yet, at the end when I said good bye just told him: you talk to me then? but it was like and expression we use in my country, maybe he felt pressure for that? or HE WASN'T INTO ME?

They want perfect women and they are not. All this dating stuff is ridiculous.


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  • Es un pendejo. No sabe appreciar una mujer que lo trata bien, asi que no merece alguien como tu.

    • Ok, entonces no tengo por qu? sentirme mal...pens? que le gustar?a el detalle...me hace pensar que lo ?nico que quer?a era sexo!

    • Si creo que mejor dejarlo pues


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  • Not defending him, some men talk to women like they do men maybe he has a dry sense of humor our he wasn't into you... Some guys have rules a to how long they will date a girl with out any sex then move on..good thing you waited. don't over analyze it...it is his lose and another lucky and ah thoughtful man's gain. Move on we can be morons sometimes.

    • Ok...yes, morons, I know! ha ha Thanks !

  • He didn't appreciate what he had. I think you'll be better off without him.

    • Yes, I think will be the best.

  • How do you know you're perfect?

    • I'm not perfect but for many things that happened between him and me I can say this, nobody is.

  • This guy didn't seem to appreciate what you did for him, but there are guys out there who will.

    • Yes...somewhere out there...maybe someday, maybe next time don't do anything for anyone.

    • The birthday cake was a very sweet gesture; don't let one guy's ignorance ruin it for the good guys out there. :-)

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  • Same thought here, he didn't appreciate the sentiment, it is what it is. The disappointments would only get larger in the future.

    • Yes, he didn't appreciate it, he can go to h*ll...I'll never talk to him again anyway.

  • There is someone better for you out there. Some people don't know how to show affection or gratitude. There are guys at home wishing someone would feed them right now lol

    • Lol...yeah, he just made me feel silly with his stupid comment.