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I decided to give online dating a try. I have had relations with females before but never anything "serious." I feel that I am ready for such a relationship. I met this girl online and we started messaging back and forth using the sites email service. Turns out we have a lot in common and we really hit it off. I asked if she would like to go out sometime. She said that would be great. She told me her name and said "add me on Facebook." I did so and then messaged her on there. We started messaging back and forth. We were having a great conversation about one of our shared interests. My last message ended with a question. She never answered and its been about 14 hours now since I sent that message. My question is, should I send another message at some point? I don't want to come off as creepy.


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  • She might just be busy. Sometimes things come up and you don't have time to get to the computer. I would just wait a little bit, maybe a day and then send another message. Put something in there like "I'm guessing you are busy, well I really enjoyed talking to you, hope you are having a good day". That would be sufficient :) And it wouldn't come across as creepy at all.


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  • Give it like 2 days & then ask her how is she doing & I hope y'all stay close because those relationships are hard but worth it in the end


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  • Don't freak out about it,...she probably checked it so the notification went away and meant to answer it later but forgot. Or some other reason. There are tons of different possibilities.

    I would give it a couple of days, and then if she still hasn't messaged you, go ahead and message her asking her out. You have already established that she would like to go out with you so there's no point in drawing out the online talk and risk messing something up.

    • Thanks for the advice bro. So you think two days is enough time?

    • If I were you, I would message her around 7-9 Tuesday night (or Wednesday if you want) asking her to meet you for coffee Saturday. If that date goes well, go ahead and make plans for a more formal date the next weekend...and actually make the plans, don't just ask her if she wants to go out next weekend and say you'll text her or whatever. The earlier you ask her, the better (up to a certain point obviously) because it will seem like you are a busy person and she is less likely to flake.