Would it be weird for you to date a guy when he has a baby on the way with a random girl?

an old friend of mine wants to go out to dinner with me. I don't know the story but its just weird because he go this girl pregnant and she hasn't had the baby yet he still hangs out with her but they aren't together. Its just to weird for me. Could you date a guy who is expecting a baby with a friend of his?


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  • I'd be asking a lot of questions in your shoes:

    1. That child is going to want to get to know him. He's gotta man up and be a dad, plain and simple. He did the crime, he's gotta do the time.

    2. Are you content with being "the stepmother"?

    3. What the heck is his problem not being with the mother of his child? And if she meant so little to him even while carrying the future of his genetic code, how much will you really mean in the end?

    4. What if you get pregnant next? Will the half-siblings get along?

    5. Child custody. It gets really messy. Especially since you haven't married the guy yet. When he has custody of the child for a week, do you get to pick up the child and bring him/her to your place? Or, since you're not married, would that be considered kidnapping?

    I know a girl once who got knocked up and then the daddy left her for someone else. That someone else, while not married to the guy and a total stranger, showed up one day and tried to take the child away because it was the guy's turn to see his kid. (Arrangement made outside of court.) Except, the new girlfriend was never part of the couple's agreement. And tried to take the child without the mother's consent. Which technically made it a kidnapping attempt. The mother went to jail for the evening, for punching that woman in the nose, which I agree she deserved for trying to kidnap the child.

    Moral of the story: Do you want to be that girl who gets justly punched in the nose? Is that the situation you're willing to risk? And if you do, will you be smart enough not to repeat the mistakes of this cautionary tale?

    He has a lot to sort out with both of you; and he'd better get cracking.


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  • extremely weird... that no doubt means he is a total careless looser/troublemaker that doesn't know how to control his actions in life

  • Well you'd be at a high risk of getting your heart broken I'd think.

  • MY only question is how can one be comfortable with the idea.


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  • Girl...idk if your even mature enough to be in a relationship, IF...I wld even consider his bull ish lie, that she is sum random girl ..n tha first place. Sorry honey

    • excuse me I am way more than mature enough to be in a realtionship and I am a mother myself. I was asking this question because I don't know what girl would be stupid enough to date a guy like that. I was asking out of curiosity cause I love to hear other peoples opinions.