What's wrong with me?

I ask people out all the time, and get turned down nonstop. I show myself online, and get told I'm "cute" looking, and have a great personality. But in real life, I'm described as "a good big brother", or "a very good friend whom I don't want to lose".

It's always this way, and I'm so tired of it. I try not to be the big brother type, and yet I always come off that way...

Is there no women out there that would like to be with me? Or should I just give up, and come to the realization that I'm gonna be single for the rest of my life?


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  • Are you going after "cute" and "sister-type" girls? Chances are, if you are chasing girls who have lots of sexual charisma, but you aren't offering any up (judging by the reactions), you may not be fishing in the right ponds. Either you need to up the ante on the sexual charisma (being more flirtatious, working out, getting in touch with your sexual side) or start dating girls who are a bit backwards in that department too and would LOVE to have a caring, stable relationship where the sexual power between the two of you grows as you get close to each other. I've really seen it go both ways and it works out equally well.


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  • Personally based on your profile you have two issues: 1.) you have an unhealthy attitude towards relationships; you will not be single forever and dramatic thoughts lead to drama and 2.) not to be mean at all at all and if you really are working on this kudos, but you could be turned down a lot because you want really really attractive women when you need to up your looks to get them. Working out and eating right go a long long long way in women's eyes because we are way more shallow when first asked out than we care to admit.

  • Because your not someones type, that doesn't mean that your not some elses. You say you ask people out all the time and get turned down. Give people a chance to ask you up and don't act desperate.

    • That's the problem. I never get asked. ><

    • Okay try and take a different approach to the females that you are attracted to it may help.

  • your just a too kind person.

    maybe you should act cool for some moment.


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  • You are being too friendly...complimenting too much...telling girls how you feel...being too available...trying to serve and impress women. All of these turns women off...if you over do it..or do them too early.